Enhance Our Work Together With Yoga

Yoga & life coaching go hand in hand! Yoga is also a mindfulness practice. Enhance the work we do in coaching together by joining me for yoga, too!

"When you are noticing your breath you are practicing yoga." - Patanjali

@ Namaste Healing in Vernal, 941 W Hwy 40 Ste C

Tusedays @ 6pm : Yin

Thursdays @ 6pm : Ashtanga Inspired

Yin (1 hr)

Yin is a practice to balance our busy lifestyle. By deeply stretching the body for a few minutes at a time, the deep connective tissues are able to release. The healthy stress this brings makes the muscles stronger and able to relax as well as stretch. Leave this class feeling stretched both physically and mentally, as well as relaxed.

Ashtanga Inspired (1 hr)

Ashtanga is a traditional practice of set sequenced poses. The main focus is breath, drishti (focus), and bandhas (muscle locks) to increase strength, stamina, and mobility.


$10 Drop in

5 sessions for $40

10 sessions for $70

20 sessions for $120

Purchase a package on your first class for an extra $5, $10, or $20 off!

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I also do a monthly Nidra workshop at The Zen Zone. Follow them here for updates!

To find out more about the private, transformational yoga coaching and Nidra sessions I do, send me a message.