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90 Days Turning Overwhelm Into Consistent Joy

1. Schedule A Free Call

I want to be able to get to know you, what you think is holding you back, & find out where you want to be in order to customize a 12 week coaching plan just for you.

2. We Will Map Out Where You Need To Go

I have a simple, easy, 12 week plan that we will walk through together & customize to your specific needs & goals. I will show you how each of the 12 tools we will use will equip you to be independent in 12 short weeks.

3. We Go On The Journey Together

I will be right there with you through the entire journey guiding you along the way as we transform you into the confident, bold, & brave version of yourself in as little as 12 weeks & make the process fun, helpful, & easy.

Break the Cycle You're Stuck In

Do you feel stuck where you're at in life & want some direction to get you back on track where you feel like you're happy? You're not alone. I talk to people all the time who tell me that they feel like they need something in their life, but they can't put a finger on what it is. Or that they don't feel like they have any clarity or direction in life & they don't feel the love they should be feeling.

A lot of times, this leads people to feel afraid or fearful that they might be hurt in their relationships & really strains the relationships they need the most. I see people start to hold themselves back & reserve themselves from being who they really are.

This reservation & not feeling free to be themselves just causes more internal negativity, sadness, & self-sabotage. And that doesn't get anyone where they want to go.


What's more is that if you're having these feelings, I'm sure you already know that this fear is a lie. These feelings of helplessness & confusion doesn't have to be a way of life. You CAN be & have what you want!

Experience Your Full Potential

Before I started coaching with Megan, I really wanted more control & organization in my work, personal, & Social life. Since starting the coaching, I feel I can prioritize the different aspects of my life & feel good about my choices. 


Developing my Daily Method of Operation (DMO) & tracking what I accomplish each day has added more structure to my life & gives me a check point when I get off track. I now start my day with my morning ritual and it brings my mind, body, & soul together to start another beautiful day.


Megan has an amazing talent to listen, ask questions, & understand situations without ever judging. She offers suggestions & tools that can help me through problems s or obstacles that has greatly improved my life. With Megan as my Yoga & Nidra & personal coach the last 2 years, my life has changed in wonderful ways.


Megan’s coaching really helps when you think life is getting busy. She has a talent to help us use tools to bring life into perspective & understand what is important. Now I am looking forward to living this beautiful life.


Cliff W.

I was having a hard time with self love before doing coaching with Megan. This program has changed how I feel about myself. I have become more mindful of my own tendencies, thoughts, feelings, & life in general. This program made me aware of  how mean or hard I was on myself. I now have learned how to be kind to myself & be patient.


This program has shown me to love & accept myself exactly as I am!


All the tools are easy & so helpful to use, but for me the most powerful one was creating an intention. My intention for this whole journey on a daily basis reminded me that I do love & accept myself, & I am more than worthy of LOVE.


Working with Megan was absolutely incredible! She is so loving & kind & she truly cares about you & your progress. Megan is reliable, non-judgmental & honest. She is amazing at what she does.


I would highly recommend this program because it truly is life changing! Megan has so much knowledge & is SO good at what she does. It gives you so many amazing tools to help you create the life you want, love, & modify the person that you are no matter your intention.


Now I want to continue to grow in this life & take the steps into boldly sharing this love.


Cali Ann T.

Megan Bennett-Welch,
Your Life Coach

Hi! I'm Megan! I've been through all the same frustrations you're dealing with now. That was my life for so long! That's why I'm here to help you conquer the feelings of fear & unworthiness.


I continue to do the necessary work every day so that I can maintain my feeling of freedom & help others as well.

I want to help you be able to:

  • Feel more confident

  • Live more boldly

  • Become more mindful & self-aware

  • Discover how brave you really are

  • Live more fully

  • Be less stressed

  • Be motivated every day


In 12 weeks we will go over 12 tools that will take you out of your comfort zone & propel you into the action necessary to break the cycle of expecting a different result from doing the same thing over & over. You will be able to start living your best life with mindfulness, motivation, confidence, & loving discipline.

We'll have 13 one hour one-on-one coaching sessions (one each week). Each session will focus on one of the 12 tools & we will go over goals & action steps to get from where you are to where you want to be.

While helping you, I promise you that we will stay within your comfort level & I won't push you more than you want to be pushed. Also, your privacy is important to me so everything we go over will be totally confidential.

Discover Who You Are &
Stop Missing Out On Your Life

I don't want for you to continue feeling lost, doubting yourself, & never knowing what it's like to live with confidence. You deserve to believe in yourself more & be able to do things you've never done before. 

Let's schedule a call together so we can start working together to transform you into the strong, confident, powerful person I know you are deep inside!

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